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"When it comes to motherhood, women can't win: just ask Gladys Berejiklian" by Erin Riley.

"It didn't surprise me at all that NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian was asked in her first media conference about the fact she didn't have children. As much as we'd like to think otherwise, for a woman over a certain age (30 seems about the go now), her motherhood status is still seen as the most important thing about her... 

Now, my status as a mother has become the public fodder. People ask if I'm planning to have another child. People tell me what I'm doing right and wrong. While most of my child-free friends have been amazing and supportive, some have made a conscious decision to end our friendships. Men on the internet tell me to get back to my child rather than engaging in political conversation. I struggle to get to events that aren't pram-accessible. And many, many people have told me I talk about motherhood too much. 

This is the horrible truth about the motherhood-status question: there is no right answer, and believing the other "side" has it easier pits us against each other. It divides women and dilutes our power."


Book review by Joanna Kellond for Mothering and Psychoanalysis by Petra Bueskens.

“This section powerfully elucidates the complex ways in which ideas of subjectivity, attitudes to motherhood and social norms – all imbricated with economic imperatives – potentially collude in maintaining the neoliberal status quo.”


"My solution to solving the unpaid work problem" by Anna Kerr.

"I want to talk about how we could all benefit from getting a UBI. No, a UBI is not a contraceptive device or a nasty medical condition. You may have heard that it is currently being piloted in progressive western democracies including Finland, the Netherlands, Scotland and Canada. And in the wake of the Centrelink debt recovery debacle, it is now time for Australia to consider trialing a Universal Basic Income (UBI).
Campaigners for an unconditional monthly income argue this would not constitute money for nothing, since over 50% of work is currently unpaid – taking the form of care work.  This work is still most typically carried out by women and often compels economic dependency on men, thus constituting systemic discrimination and creating conditions conducive to domestic violence and exploitation. [...]"


"Gayle Demanuele and the politics of homebirth" by Petra Bueskens.

"While only a small group of women want homebirth, albeit within a system that fails to provide it as a viable option for most, to deny it affects all women in the same way that once only a small group of women wanted the vote but it affected all women that we were ‘not allowed’ to have it. When a minority are denied rights that are universal – in this case the right to bodily autonomy – it affects us all. Some may not like it that women with ‘risk factors’ want a homebirth, but it is not their choice to make. The loss of homebirth through the destruction of independent midwifery is a great loss to Australia maternity services."


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