The Australian Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement (AMIRCI) is a non-profit organisation devoted to promoting research into mothering, motherhood, motherwork, and related areas. We encourage research into, and discussion about, maternal subjectivities and identities, cultural representations of motherhood, and diverse experiences of mothering. We are committed to the inclusion of all mothers, those people who are mothering, and those people interested in mothers/mothering. We recognise that the experience of being a mother varies through dislocation, discrimination, culture, and context.

AMIRCI is an interdisciplinary association, locating itself within overlapping fields, including Women’s and Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Sexuality and Queer Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Nursing, Social Policy, Education, Social Work, Media and Communications, Fine Arts, Theatre and Drama, Public Health, Midwifery, Creative Arts, among others. Our membership is predominately composed of scholars, but we welcome writers, artists, activists, professionals, groups, agencies, policy makers, educators, anyone interested in feminist mothering.